Eleotin® Gold For Diabetes (3 Month Supply +1 month FREE) Monthly Special! (30 capsules/bottle)

Eleotin® Gold For Diabetes (3 Month Supply +1 month FREE) Monthly Special! (30 capsules/bottle)

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Diabetes doesn’t have to be a life sentence! As diabetes mellitus is now almost a global epidemic, if poorly controlled, it can significantly affect major organs like your kidneys, heart, eyes, nerves and your overall circulation.  This is often why primary doctors refer their diabetic patients to  dieticians, optometrists, podiatrists, and kidney specialists as the disease progresses. It affects multiple body organs which will need to be monitored regularly for signs of organ damage. For example, an early eye exam can reveal retinal changes even before the patient complains of blurring of vision. A podiatrist checking the feet may report sensory changes in nerve testing indicating that the peripheral nerves are already affectd by the disease. This is why diabetes is often referred to as the "slow-motion killer."  Eleotin® Gold has the power to change the way you live with diabetes. 

Long term use of traditional pharmaceutical drugs can ravage the body, especially vital organs over time causing permanent, irreparable damage. It’s a false solution that only manipulates and suppresses the symptoms of diabetes without providing a solution to controlling and ultimately eliminating the causes of elevated high blood sugar levels.

Hit the reset button with Eleotin® Gold which does NOT control your blood sugar, instead it treats and restores your body’s own ability to metabolize your blood sugar levels. It is a “functional” restorer that heals the core of your metabolic system without side effects.

Eleotin® is developed scientifically by prestigious research institutes at the University of Calgary and Yale University. Its efficacy and safety are certified by major governments like the Canadian Food & Drugs. There are over 150 thousand users currently, including my elderly Mother who has benefited greatly over the years and voluntarily gave testimonials on YouTube. Eleotin® has been around for over 25 years and the laboratory is located in Vancouver, Canada. Approved by the Canadian Food & Drug Act & Regulations and the FDA in the U.S and classified as "food".  Endorsed by both The Canadian Diabetes Association and The American Diabetes Associations. Eleotin® restores your metabolic system by supporting and strengthening the body's natural cleansing and healing abilities.


  • Helps maintain blood glucose after a meal
  • Helps to break down the carbs into glucose aiding in digestion
  • Beneficial to help avoid the sudden rises in glucose levels after a meal
  • Is an excellent source of natural fiber


  • Improves the health/functioning of insulin receptors so the glucose is more efficiently absorbed in muscle and liver
  • Up-regulates/improve the activity levels of insulin receptors in muscle and liver cells
  • Stimulates the binding between insulin and insulin receptors
  • Improves the efficiency with which the body uses the insulin. The immune system is boosted
  • Strengthens and leads to the healthy restoration of insulin receptors and remains healthy for a long time
  • Cleanses the blood system such as fats and dead cells
  • Increasing water intake is essential with the afternoon formula


  • Provides essential nutrients that strengthen the pancreas
  • Stimulates and restores the basic health of the pancreas
  • Increases the healthy regeneration of Beta Cells in the pancreas
  • Increases the secretion of insulin from the pancreas
  • Brings relief to those aching/tingling nerve senses all over the body
  • Good for those who have neuropathy (nerve damage)

We currently have a promotional special of buy 3 months supply (90 capsules), get one month free (30 capsules) for a total of 120 capsules.


1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the afternoon and 1 capsule at night

Take 1 morning capsule when you wake up prior to breakfast on an empty stomach (Blend A). Take1 afternoon capsule on an empty stomach after lunch around 2:30pm EST (Blend B). Take 1 capsule at night an hour prior to sleep on an empty stomach (Blend C).

Blend A (Morning) helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels after a meal.
Blend B (Afternoon) improves the health of insulin receptors so that glucose is more efficiently absorbed into the muscle or liver cells. Increase water intake to assist with the detoxification
Blend C (Night) provides essential nutrients that strengthen the pancreas.

 Medicinal Ingredients

Platycodi Radix (Root), Schizandrae Frustus (Fruit), Capsella Bursa (Stem). Glycyrrhizae Radix (Root), Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge (Root), Lycium Chinese (Fruit), Discorea Japonica Thunberg (Root) and more. Remember all supplements work best in conjunction with exercise, hydration and a healthy eating plan.

We recommend users stop taking any omega fish oil,  cod liver or krill oil 2 days prior to taking Eleotin Kalimera. Once you have completed taking the product, you can resume your normal routine. As always, check with your doctor before starting any new supplement.

*The ingredients for the various blends of Eleotin are listed on each Eleotin box or bottle with your order.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Carol Clacken-Heath
    Hoping to defeat Type 2 Diabetes with Eleotin Gold

    February 2021 I initiated Eleotin Gold for type 2 diabetes which I have had for four years and am treating with Metformin. I cut my Metformin to 1/2 usual dose , my bl sugar is WNL and my A1c is stable @ 6.4. Currently I am very pleased & hopeful. I would like to thank my sister for introducing me to this very effective product and am currently telling everyone I know or meet about this treasure.

    Teresa S.
    Happy to reduce my medication

    I want to thank you for me being a part of the Eleotin family. I normally take metformin for my diabetes (1000mg in the morning and 1000 mg in the evening).. Because of the horrible side effects I have been taking only one dose of metformin in the evening along with Eleotin and my sugar levels have stayed at the levels of 100 to 118 ever since.

    Thank you all out there for this discovery. I hope to be getting off metformin soon and when I do I will let you know.

    Joe A.
    It dropped my blood sugar

    First of all I want to inform you that we are Amish. I learned about your company back in October of 2011. I was amazed and elated. In April of 2011 I was deathly sick with my sugar over 400+ and also lobar pneumonia. I came home from the hospital on oxygen and insulin. I have now taken Eleotin for only 6 weeks and my sugar has dropped dramatically to around 120 to 130 average daily.

    Cao R.
    Restored my Aunt's vision

    Last year when I went back to China, I took back some Eleotin Gold capsules as a gifts for some of my relatives. Most of them were really skeptical. One of my Aunts then was losing her vision and she thought she had nothing to lose so she started taking Eleotin. After several months I got phone calls from her telling me she can now see!

    Bernard L. (Vancouver Island, BC)
    Radiation damaged my pancreas. and Eleotin restored it.

    After a series of radiation for prostate cancer, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Theglucose level was 28. My daughter researched and found Eleotin. I started on Eleotin in October. In December I went for the 3 month blood check and the doctor was astonished. His words were that incredibly, I was no longer diabetic. Apparently the Eleotin does what is claims. It restores regular pancreatic function.