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The global pandemic has forced us to take a second look at all the ways we need to support our immune system. Now more than ever, giving our immune system the extra boost it needs is critical to maintaining optimum health and fighting off disease.

JAG Naturals Pure Vitamin C (Ma5) helps to do just that! Our special combination of fresh herbs harvested in their natural environment have created a superior blend of "live" Vitamin C.  Watch our latest video and click on our "Eleotin Ma5" product and learn more about what sets us apart from over-the-counter Vitamin C products which are comprised mostly of ascorbic acid (preservative).

Our complimentary 20% discount is available this month, just in time to help fortify our immune system.

Make Healthy Your New Happy.

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  • Eleotin® Ma5 Live Vitamin C (30 Capsules)
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