About Us




At JAG Naturals LLC, our mission is simple. Our intention is to inspire communities to choose alternative solutions that will support and maintain optimum health and wellness. 

From the dawn of civilization herbs have assisted in self healing. The Eleotin®  line of products are derived from plants that are medicinal, gentle and restorative. They are comprised of dried roots, stems, fruits and leaves all from various plants.

Our goal is to provide practical, day to day guidance with the knowledge that you have the power to change the way you live with diabetes, on your journey to wellness. Our support is not meant to be a substitute for the professional medical advice you receive from your diabetes medical team. We are simply excited to be a part of your integrative health care team as we strive to support and preserve the body's natural equilibrium together.




Eleotin®  is not a drug and is classified as a food and dietary supplement approved by the FDA. The Eleotin®  line of herbal supplements are 100% natural with no added fillers, chemicals or preservatives. Check out the personal testimonials and 5 star reviews from customers just like you  Watch our videos on what sets our brand apart. Dive into the research with our references tab that lists over 130 medical references that speak to the extensive clinical research done on our products. 

Make this your year!  Make Healthy your new Happy and welcome to the JAG family!